Marlborough Road, ME7

Bannan & Sulley Developments

This property conversion was Bannan & Sulley first large project and the result was a 5 bed HMO property in a superb location in Gillingham, Kent.

Location: Medway, Kent

Project Start: August 24, 2018

Project Completed: October 29, 2018

  • The Problem
    The Problem

    The property was a typical 3 bed terrace house in Medway, Kent with a lounge, kitchen and bathroom on the lower level with two good sized bedrooms on the first floor and a small box room to the rear plus a bathroom. This property conversion allowed us to do a loft extension without building control sign off and the staircase in the centre of the first floor.

  • The Solution
    The Solution

    This property conversion allowed Bannan & Sulley to keep the foot print of the internal space similar to how it was when purchased but the main change were on the first floor. The front bedroom now has two ensuites, one for the front room and one for the middle bedroom. The old bathroom has been reduced in size so that the smaller rear bedroom now has a large floor space with an ensuite. There is fifth room in the loft that has a central staircase access and access to the middle room is under this staircase as the originally entrance has been blocked to allow for a landing for the loft stairs.

    This house has a fantastic garden that we have kept as a garden and this is maintained bi-weekly and allows rear access for anyone with a bike.

  • The Result
    The Result

    This property has been a great investment as a 3 bedroom property allows Bannan & Sulley to let 5 bedrooms in a fully licensed HMO in Gillingham, Kent. This property was let within 2 weeks being on the market and is a few yards from Medway hospital and opposite a secondary school.

  • What they said

    My room is homely and spacious. I have great house mates and I really enjoy being in this house.